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Team Challenges - things to consider before booking

Team size


How many staff will take part? Team size can be anything from a few people to more than 30, although larger teams are more limited to the type of Challenge they can do and it will likely be outdoors.  Alternatively a large team can divide into smaller groups and take part in a variety of Challenges.


Time element


How much time are you prepared to give? Most projects are for one day, sometimes two. It is possible to find a longer commitment, although this will involve more planning.


Type of work


What sort of activity would you like to do? How active would you like the project to be? Would like it to be indoors or outdoors? Do you want team competitions?


Do you know an organisation you might like to help?


Do you have existing links to an organisation you’d like to support? Is your company keen to support a particular cause?


Are you able to offer a donation?


As well as time, projects usually require materials.  Sourcing donations or organising fundraising events could be part of the project. Your company may wish to donate some or all of the materials required.


Safety and Insurance


You should always check with the organisation that they provide suitable insurance cover for your volunteers on the day.



Booking a Team Challenge

Volunteer Centres South West Surrey have been finding volunteers for local charities and community groups for over 10 years. We work within Guildford and Waverley providing a hub for potential volunteers and organisations alike. In recent years we have been arranging more and more Team Challenges for local companies.


To make an enquiry or discuss anything about Team Challenges please contact Caroline at the Guildford Volunteer Centre by emailing or calling 01483 565456.

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