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Volunteering helps other people but it also helps you.  


Volunteers make new friends, learn new skills and gain confidence.  Getting involved helps you challenge yourself, get active, find paid work, or stay active and connected in retirement.


To get involved locally, you can...





Visit your nearest Volunteer Centre 


Phone us on 01483 565456

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Welcome to Volunteering

Volunteering promotes wellbeing. But finding voluntary work isn’t always easy. Especially for those facing challenges around confidence, mental or physical health, learning difficulties, or offending.  


Welcome to Volunteering! is a VASWS project that supports anyone facing challenges getting into voluntary work. It provides taster or longer term placements, volunteer mentors, help with interviews, and short learning sessions.


If you are interested, for yourself or your clients,

go to our Welcome to Volunteering! webpage 

for more information.

Welcome to Volunteering

support to help you volunteer

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volunteering during an emergency

If you would like to be called upon to help during an incident or emergency in Guildford or Waverley such as a severe weather event please contact us on 01483 504626 or by emailing 


In partnership with the County Council all Surrey Volunteer Centres have a role in linking up people who are willing to help with the organisations that will be mobilised when an event happens.


It is difficult to involve new volunteers in the midst of an emergency, so please contact us at any time so that we can register your interest and availability.

Are you:

*Stuck in a rut

*Wanting some direction in your life

*Need some help getting started

*Feel like trying something new

*Like to see what is available locally

The Haydn project will:

*Listen to you and help you find things you would like to do

*Provide a buddy to accompany you if you wish

*Look for local groups or activities to take part in


Interested in finding out more ?


Contact Denise Graves - Welcome Buddies Coordinator


Call or text: 07825 417 204  Email:


welcome buddies