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Our Welcome to Volunteering! project is for anyone:

  • Aged over 18

  • Living, working or studying in the boroughs of Guildford or Waverley

  • Facing challenges getting into voluntary work.


Voluntary work helps people:

• Make new friends

• Get out more

• Learn and develop new skills

• Become more confident

• Feel they’ve achieved something

• Help their community

• Take a step towards work

• Have fun.


There’s a huge range of voluntary work out there and the time commitment varies hugely too.  BUT some people face challenges getting into voluntary work.


They may have issues with well-being and mental or physical health.

They may lack a decent place to live or lack confidence in speaking English.

They may have a history of offending or learning difficulties.

They may have complicated lives making them doubt their ability to work with other people.


Welcome to Volunteering! supports anyone facing challenges getting into voluntary work. We work in a friendly and non-judgmental way to help them get the support they want.  This may include:

  • ‘Taster’ or longer term voluntary work placements

  • Help with voluntary work interviews, with journey planning, and by being there in the first few days of volunteering  

  • Group learning sessions in ‘Beginning Assertiveness’, ‘Confidence Building’, ‘Working Safely’,  ‘Equal Opportunities’, ‘Having Your Say’ ‘Working in a Group’ , ‘Customer Care’

  • A self study induction book for volunteers

  • A mentor who is an experienced volunteer


To refer a client, use the contact details below.  Support workers are more than welcome to attend initial interviews.


The Welcome to Volunteering! team is based at Guildford but we may be able to meet you off-site.


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Welcome to Volunteering

Supporting anyone facing challenges getting into voluntary work

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